The Pomegranate: H. Slowinski’s Top Ten of 2021

THE POMEGRANATE made Heidi Slowinski’s Top Ten Reads of 2021. I am thrilled beyond words. Truly.

Heidi has a significant following and she loved the book. Her wonderful review, titled  Historical fiction at its best appears on both Amazon and Goodreads.

“Schwaidelson is a captivating storyteller, with a wonderfully careful attention to historical detail. This book is impeccably researched. I highly recommend this book. It is historical fiction at its best.”

How do you argue with something like that? Not me!

Truth is, this is important to a writer. Not only is it validation from an established reviewer (not to mention someone whose opinion I respect,) it also means her followers will be exposed to The Pomegranate as a book worth reading. Her opinion does count to a lot of readers.

I’ve written about this before, but there isn’t an author on the planet who doesn’t worry about putting a book out there. What if the other kids don’t like my kid? You write a book, your friends think it’s great, and a reviewer calls it amateurish and badly written. It happens. You doubt yourself, your ability to construct a sentence, your craft. But then you get a review like Heidi’s, and suddenly you have hope.

Thank you, Heidi Slowinski!

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New York born and bred, living in Minnesota, I am a widow, mother, grandmother, and writer. These are the things I do well.

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