The Eye of the Beholder

I usually do not cross post from The Wifely Person Speaks, my current events blog, but because of this week’s topic I would be remiss in not posting a link here. The topic, as you might imagine, is book banning.

Banned in Boston used to be a code for salacious literature unfit for young teens. Label something like that and it was sure to be a bestseller. PAYTON PLACE had that distinction, and as did LADY CHATTERLY’S LOVER, one of my personal faves. Gotta admit, I learned a lot about sex from those books, stuff Mom never would told me. But now it seems banning books is about “protecting” minds against difficult information. When a Tennessee school board unanimously votes to ban books like MAUS, you have to ask yourself what aren’t they teaching those kids?

Rather than repeat myself in two places, here is the link: The Eye of the Beholder was far more difficult to write than anticipated, but judging from the hit-o-meter on my other website, it has gotten a whole lotta traction.

Please feel free to comment here or there, to share the post, or just vent about it.

This author is definitely incensed.

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