“Women, Be Strong”

A couple of weeks ago, I had the interesting experience of being interviewed by one of the local papers, MyVillager. The interview was, of course, via zoom, but the photographer came to the house. I was so amazed when they contacted me, and, of course, very flattered.

MyVillager used to be called The Highland Villager and I’ve been a reader and fan for years. When we lived on that side of town, that’s how I knew city politicians and what council was up to. I relied on The Villager for kid and adult events alike. There was always a hefty dose of the kind of local news we really don’t see much of in city-wide daily papers.

Anne Murphy, the reporter who interviewed me, was “age appropriate.” In other words, I didn’t have to adjust my language patterns. I could use complex, scientific phrases like “dial the phone” or “get up and change the channel,” without having to worry about old-splaining what that meant. Jeez, I’m a veritable relic. The interview was well over an hour of us talking and laughing. I loved that I got to talk about writing, and not just THE POMEGRANATE. I am totally a process kinda person and I hope the readers get at least a taste of what it’s like to pound out a book.

If you have a moment, read the interview. Murphy says some interesting things about both me and the book. What I found a bit on the astounding side, however, were the hashtags at the bottom. I just hope it widens the audience. Hey! Any help is good help!

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New York born and bred, living in Minnesota, I am a widow, mother, grandmother, and writer. These are the things I do well.

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