The Great Replacement Theory Is Already Here

Note: This is an excerpt from THE WIFELY PERSON SPEAKS. My intent was never to use WP in this forum, but the events of the past week require addressing.

On Saturday, Peyton Gendron, 18, of Conklin, NY had already been on the radar as a danger. He’d already been investigated because of threats he made to his school. From the Washington Post:

New York State Police spokesman Beau Duffy said that on June 8, 2021, investigators “responded to Susquehanna High School in Conklin, N.Y., to investigate a report that a 17-year-old student had made a threatening statement.” The student was taken into custody under a provision of the state’s mental health law “and transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation,” the spokesman said.

“The information we have is he was there for a day and a half, was evaluated and then released at that point,” Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said. Gendron was not charged.

Almost exactly a year later, wearing tactical gear and body armor while live-streaming the event, the same kid took an assault weapon into a supermarket and killed 10 shoppers. Wasn’t enough he posted a manifesto online that focused on racist and anti-semitic beliefs. On the Great Replacement Theory. 

Excuse me for asking, but where are the parents?

18-years old and already a mass murderer. Remarkable. 

Or is it? Not really. Should I name the other kids on that list?…

…Wanna know what I wanna know? 

How pro-life are these guys when kids can get their hands on automatic weapons to shoot up schools and these guys fight against common sense gun laws? 

How pro-life are these guys when, if access to all health care is made unaffordable and scarce, they refuse to fund programs for low income families? Or want to end Medicare and Social Security?

And how pro-life are they when they vote against repair and maintenance of our basic infrastructure of roads, power-grid, and renewable energy?…

…Let me put this another way: if Congress goes red with active MAGA legislators who are planning to stop anything the administration wants to do no matter what it is, count on another four years of Feckless Former Leader as Toddler-in-Chief. Count on SCOTUS to reverse decisions on civil rights for all segments of society. The safety nets removed will not be replaced; discontent will grow, anger will become palpable, and guess what? They will need someone to blame, and it won’t be their elected MAGA officials.

Oh, wait. That’s already in place. It’s called The Great Replacement Theory.

Haven’t heard of that one? Let me give you the short version: this is a plan (sinister plot) to diminish the influence of white people in the United States through immigration and replacement of white voters with blacks and people of color. This vast replacement of white voters is fueled and funded by Jews, the most prominent of whom if (of course) George Soros.

You don’t believe that’s true for a New York minute, do you? Well, evidence indicated 1 in 3 US voters subscribes to at least part of that theory. Remember Charlottesville back in 2017? They were chanting:

“You will not replace us! Jews will not replace us!”

Folks like Tucker Carlson espouse Replacement Theory, but downplay the antisemitic part. Replacement Theory is a recurrent theme on this show, often stating how the Democrats plan to influence elections through forced immigration…

…See, Americans like to talk about thoughts and prayers, but after so many mass shootings of children, shoppers, concert goers, and people in their own homes, We, the People have yet to get sensible gun laws on the books. Now, the few sensible civil rights laws are about to be removed from the books. Expect no outcry. There will be little more than the occasional whine or whimper.  

In the future, if this planet survives humankind’s refusal to acknowledge the impact of human disregard for the health of the earth, Americans will be known as the laziest people who ever existed. Worse than the Romans before us, we had it all: the technology, the knowledge, the wealth, but  abused it all. We were too fat to save it. 

We, the People who actually cared about justice for all, will be replaced. It’s not an if. It’s a when.

Want the rest of it? It’s all pretty radical. Not really. It’s actually quite old-school-centrist American.

The Wifely Person Speaks: The Great Replacement Theory Is Already Here.

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