I’m Up To My Eyeballs

A funny thing happens when total strangers read your book: they say stuff about it. Sometimes even in reviews or to their book clubs. Every so often, someone sends you an email or a message via your website. I am learning about how to tell who’s serious, who’s blowing smoke up my butt, and who’s looking for a handout. That I am a skeptical practicalist puts me in the fine category of believing no one. But sometimes, must prepare to suspend one’s natural disbelief because there is actually something to believe in. That is what’s happening now.

No modern author has ever said, “Nah, I’ll never let my book be a [fill in the blank: movie, limited series, television show] no matter how much they offer me.” Oh, okay, I’m sure some crazy person has said that, but with the addition of lots of zeros, I would bet that they changed their mind.

No, no; I have yet to be offered beaucoup buckos for THE POMEGRANATE , but enough people with various links and ties to the industry have suggested there’s something different enough about the story that is pitch-worthy. Since I’ve never done anything like this, I sought outside advice; none of it was high-flying absurd. In fact, it has all been very practical, factual, and surrounded by multiple this is a long-shot caveats.

With a bit (read that as massive) research and some solid recommendations, I sought out a professional who designs pitch-decks and look-books and found one who not only loved the book, she laughed at my jokes, and had a quick understanding of what I thought was important. She also made it so easy to collaborate on this project.

Honestly, I had no idea how truly complex the actual process is. And hard. I finished writing in the early days of the pandemic, spent the next year and a half editing the thing before it was published in October of 2021, so it’s been a while since these folks have been living between my ears. It’s like calling up someone you lost touch with and saying, “So, remember when we…” and expecting an instant, cogent answer.

I made the mental calls, re-read sections of the book, and spent hours looking at pictures of actors searching out types. I knew what everyone looked like…kinda…but now I had to translate that into a picture to convey the idea. Preferably in costume. My brains are set to explode from overload any minute now. As much as I want to be working on the new book, this has to come first.

I do have really good guidance on this project, but it’s all new to me and while I’m not afraid of rejection, I’m like every author out there: I’m basically terrified. One of my more experienced friends urged me to open this door. In his last email, he wrote:

These days, you absolutely have to network, S. J. Networking honestly and openly just may give you options and ideas you probably never even considered. Put away the fear and loathing of asking the question. In fact, ask lots of questions.

He knows me too well. And he knows I’m your basic woman-behind-the-scene kinda coward…which explains why I was a director and playwright instead of an actress.

There is a short list forming of people who will see the endeavor as soon as it’s done, but I am throwing this out to my writing community-at-large: any suggestions, contacts, or ideas about pitching this project will be graciously and gratefully accepted. Since ultimately I have no idea what I’m doing, I need all the help I can get.

If you’ve done this, successfully or not so successfully, please tell me what you did. What worked, what didn’t? What insights do you have into the process? You can leave a comment for the public. You can write a comment and say this is private and I won’t publish it, or you can shoot me an email using the contact form. Whatever floats your boat. I will respond to all messages!

Thanks for listening/reading. I’m gonna go back to work now.

Chag urim same’ach to the candle-lighters amongst us, Merry Christmas to those with trees, and to all, a happy secular New Year!


PS: Oh, this is what the cover of the deck looks like. At the moment. It might change. Who knows?

Published by SJSchwaidelson@The Author Is In

New York born and bred, living in Minnesota, I am a widow, mother, grandmother, and writer. These are the things I do well.

5 thoughts on “I’m Up To My Eyeballs

  1. Yes a movie is in the works, Ihope.It would be a great one.And an opening in Mendota Heights or the nearest theater.Wouldn’t that be fun. I hope they do it.Now who would play her?
    I have a pomgranet sitting on my table that is crying to be painted so I may do that after I finish the boy’s paintings.Hope you are having a great Chanukah. I haven’t been to synagogue because of the weather and I’m not going out unless it warms up to above minus.Kelly is having to tansport Liam to the theater.I guess that’s what mother’s do. Stay warm, think movie, enjo the rest of Chanuka and have a hopefulnew year. Dina

  2. This is really exciting, Susan. I wish you so much wonderful luck! I’m betting on it happening. And when you make your millions, I hope a big donation will go to BJC! *grin*

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