Why I added DREAM DANCER to Kindle Unlimited

I’m sure everyone is tired of my flogging for THE POMEGRANATE and I must confess, I might be a bit weary myself. I am over-the-moon excited about the pitch deck, thrilled to bits that it’s finally done, and completely anxious now that it’s been going out the door in an attempt to get it inContinue reading “Why I added DREAM DANCER to Kindle Unlimited”

Status Update on the Pitch Deck

Warning: possible brain dump. I was lucky enough to have a guy who reads pitch-decks for a living take a look at mine. He made some suggestions, many of which I already suspected needed revision. It’s way too long, for one, and not as demanding attention as it should. Now, I have a whole bunchContinue reading “Status Update on the Pitch Deck”

OMG! I’m A Library Book

Yeah, yeah; I know. Books are expensive, cumbersome, and expensive. Did I say that twice? I also know that the cost of keeping a public library afloat increases every year. And yes, I also know public libraries are constantly under attack by crazy people who don’t want adults OR children to read books that willContinue reading “OMG! I’m A Library Book”

Why Can’t Americans Teach Their Children How to write? *

*Apologies to George Bernard Shaw and Henry Higgins) I am supposed to be on vacation. Actually, I am happily evicted from my house for two weeks while the kiddies moved in. Their house is being remodeled, and the temporary housing wasn’t quite ready. They moved in and I got on a plane. Currently, I amContinue reading “Why Can’t Americans Teach Their Children How to write? *”

The Great Replacement Theory Is Already Here

Note: This is an excerpt from THE WIFELY PERSON SPEAKS. My intent was never to use WP in this forum, but the events of the past week require addressing. On Saturday, Peyton Gendron, 18, of Conklin, NY had already been on the radar as a danger. He’d already been investigated because of threats he madeContinue reading “The Great Replacement Theory Is Already Here”

Quickie Review: You.

I wanted to love this book. From the very beginning, I was intrigued by You. Mr. Nicholas’ language is somewhat stylized, and I was fine with that. It worked. The story moved well, kept my interest, and I cared about the characters. Those are the three biggies for me. I suspect, as he intimates, theContinue reading “Quickie Review: You.”

Quickie Review: Hidden Heroes

Pamela Braun Cohen decided to change the world. And she did. In her book, HIDDEN HEROES: : One Woman’s Story of Resistance and Rescue in The Soviet Union she provides a play by play history of the Save Soviet Jewry movement. This is not an easy book. Retelling the story of Soviet Jewry is notContinue reading “Quickie Review: Hidden Heroes”

“Women, Be Strong”

A couple of weeks ago, I had the interesting experience of being interviewed by one of the local papers, MyVillager. The interview was, of course, via zoom, but the photographer came to the house. I was so amazed when they contacted me, and, of course, very flattered. MyVillager used to be called The Highland VillagerContinue reading ““Women, Be Strong””

Looking for Mr. Goodbod

I had breakfast with a dear friend this week. She asked about what I was working on these days, and I confessed to having 3 under construction: the BIG one, the short one, and the steamy gag one. The BIG one is my main priority. Most of the research is done, I’m about 2/3 ofContinue reading “Looking for Mr. Goodbod”

Struggling with the news

One of my favorite things about being a writer is that ability to lose oneself in one’s creative world. I count on that experience to make the stories I tell real. The world I am describing becomes, in so many ways, the world I inhabit to the exclusion of the real world. My husband usedContinue reading “Struggling with the news”