Status Update on the Pitch Deck

Warning: possible brain dump. I was lucky enough to have a guy who reads pitch-decks for a living take a look at mine. He made some suggestions, many of which I already suspected needed revision. It’s way too long, for one, and not as demanding attention as it should. Now, I have a whole bunchContinue reading “Status Update on the Pitch Deck”

Why Can’t Americans Teach Their Children How to write? *

*Apologies to George Bernard Shaw and Henry Higgins) I am supposed to be on vacation. Actually, I am happily evicted from my house for two weeks while the kiddies moved in. Their house is being remodeled, and the temporary housing wasn’t quite ready. They moved in and I got on a plane. Currently, I amContinue reading “Why Can’t Americans Teach Their Children How to write? *”

“Women, Be Strong”

A couple of weeks ago, I had the interesting experience of being interviewed by one of the local papers, MyVillager. The interview was, of course, via zoom, but the photographer came to the house. I was so amazed when they contacted me, and, of course, very flattered. MyVillager used to be called The Highland VillagerContinue reading ““Women, Be Strong””

Looking for Mr. Goodbod

I had breakfast with a dear friend this week. She asked about what I was working on these days, and I confessed to having 3 under construction: the BIG one, the short one, and the steamy gag one. The BIG one is my main priority. Most of the research is done, I’m about 2/3 ofContinue reading “Looking for Mr. Goodbod”

Struggling with the news

One of my favorite things about being a writer is that ability to lose oneself in one’s creative world. I count on that experience to make the stories I tell real. The world I am describing becomes, in so many ways, the world I inhabit to the exclusion of the real world. My husband usedContinue reading “Struggling with the news”

Word Count

This afternoon was spent prepping The Pomegranate for submission to an award scheme. I had been nominated by another author who thought the criteria matched the book perfectly. The FAQ was read and re-read to make sure I had everything lined up according to the guidelines provided. I filled out endless forms, verified the preferredContinue reading “Word Count”

I Hear Fictional People Talking…

Now that THE POMEGRANATE is up and running, the time has come to turn my attention to what’s next. Truth be told, there’s a little red dot folder on my desktop labeled consider. In there, one can find all manner of things and thinks that just might have potential. First lines, poems that go nowhere,Continue reading “I Hear Fictional People Talking…”

Still Breathing

I gave birth twice. In the scheme of all things obstetrical, they were relatively easy births. Of course, relatively is relative. Labor is just that. Labor. Hard work. People say the labor is worth it, because you get a living, breathing, human at the end. Sometimes, people equate publishing a book with giving birth. IContinue reading “Still Breathing”

Welcome to the 12th Century

While she waited for Sufiye, Batsheva treated herself to a cup of pomegranate juice. The taste took her back to her mother’s garden and, for a moment, she believed she was free to return home. Pomegranate juice cures everything. I cannot think of anything more calming, relaxing, or refreshing than a cup of fresh pressedContinue reading “Welcome to the 12th Century”