OMG! I’m A Library Book

Yeah, yeah; I know. Books are expensive, cumbersome, and expensive. Did I say that twice? I also know that the cost of keeping a public library afloat increases every year. And yes, I also know public libraries are constantly under attack by crazy people who don’t want adults OR children to read books that willContinue reading “OMG! I’m A Library Book”

The Eye of the Beholder

I usually do not cross post from The Wifely Person Speaks, my current events blog, but because of this week’s topic I would be remiss in not posting a link here. The topic, as you might imagine, is book banning. Banned in Boston used to be a code for salacious literature unfit for young teens.Continue reading “The Eye of the Beholder”

Strong Women, New Matriarchs

Heidi Slowinski wrote a terrific blog post about the women of modern Jewish literature: The Next Generation of Matriarch: Feminism in Jewish Literature. Truth be told, I’d not given much thought to this topic, but now that she mentioned it, I find I’m thinking about it more and more. Of course, putting THE POMEGRANATE rightContinue reading “Strong Women, New Matriarchs”

Still Breathing

I gave birth twice. In the scheme of all things obstetrical, they were relatively easy births. Of course, relatively is relative. Labor is just that. Labor. Hard work. People say the labor is worth it, because you get a living, breathing, human at the end. Sometimes, people equate publishing a book with giving birth. IContinue reading “Still Breathing”