Status Update on the Pitch Deck

Warning: possible brain dump. I was lucky enough to have a guy who reads pitch-decks for a living take a look at mine. He made some suggestions, many of which I already suspected needed revision. It’s way too long, for one, and not as demanding attention as it should. Now, I have a whole bunchContinue reading “Status Update on the Pitch Deck”

“Women, Be Strong”

A couple of weeks ago, I had the interesting experience of being interviewed by one of the local papers, MyVillager. The interview was, of course, via zoom, but the photographer came to the house. I was so amazed when they contacted me, and, of course, very flattered. MyVillager used to be called The Highland VillagerContinue reading ““Women, Be Strong””

The Pomegranate: H. Slowinski’s Top Ten of 2021

THE POMEGRANATE made Heidi Slowinski’s Top Ten Reads of 2021. I am thrilled beyond words. Truly. Heidi has a significant following and she loved the book. Her wonderful review, titled  Historical fiction at its best appears on both Amazon and Goodreads. “Schwaidelson is a captivating storyteller, with a wonderfully careful attention to historical detail. ThisContinue reading “The Pomegranate: H. Slowinski’s Top Ten of 2021”

There was this map…

People keep asking me about the map over the character list in THE POMEGRANATE. It’s really its very own story, one of those quirky things that happen when you’re researching a book. This story begins with me needing a map of medieval trade routes in the Mediterranean basin to figure out travel times and routes.Continue reading “There was this map…”

Welcome to the 12th Century

While she waited for Sufiye, Batsheva treated herself to a cup of pomegranate juice. The taste took her back to her mother’s garden and, for a moment, she believed she was free to return home. Pomegranate juice cures everything. I cannot think of anything more calming, relaxing, or refreshing than a cup of fresh pressedContinue reading “Welcome to the 12th Century”